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Practical Support

Domestic Cleaning

We offer free domestic cleaning services to families affected by childhood cancer at Hand in Hand. When hospital stays and doctor appointments make staying on top of the housework difficult, we’re here to help. Our goal is to alleviate the burden of cleaning and day to day chores so families can spend more time concentrating on the important things. By partnering with local cleaning companies across the country for professional house cleaning services, we ensure your home is safe and clean. This allows families battling childhood cancer to focus on their little one’s health and spend precious time together.


When dealing with your child’s cancer treatment, the last thing on your mind is what you’re having for dinner. Hand in Hand provides family meal services across the country. When a family requires help with meals, we will work directly with them to find the best solution for their needs. Supplying families with nutritious food during cancer treatment helps them eat well and reduces caregiver burden and stress.


We want families to worry about their children’s treatment and wellbeing and not their housekeeping, so we provide free laundry services to families battling a childhood cancer diagnosis. If a family needs help with laundry, we will work with a local laundrette in their area to ensure they have clean laundry, no matter the circumstances. Hand in Hand provides these services to families across the country who are dealing with these unfortunate circumstances in hopes of giving them one less thing to worry about.

How do families avail of Hand in Hand’s services?

All Hand in Hand services are free to families with a child undergoing cancer treatment. Families can contact us directly to enquire about support services available to them or can have someone contact us on their behalf e.g. social worker, nurse, family member. Email us at or call 087-660-0103.

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